Judges who serve in lifetime seats on the federal courts make decisions that impact women, children, and families.  From the schools we can attend to whom we can marry, federal judges impact every aspect of our lives.

At NCJW, we know #CourtsMatter. Nominees should be fair, independent, and qualified.  

Because #CourtsMatter, NCJW believes all federal judges must be:


Do they respect equality and justice for all and understand the impact of the law on everyone?


Are they impartial, nonpartisan, and not influenced by outside parties or interests?


Have they been objectively assessed for their experience, competence, principles, and temperament?

Meet a Federal Judicial Nominee

Ketanji Brown Jackson

NCJW supports Ketanji Brown Jackson

Ketanji Brown Jackson has a wealth of experience, having served as a federal district court judge in Washington, DC, since 2013. A former public defender, assistant special counsel on the US Sentencing Commission, and law clerk for Justice Stephen Breyer, Jackson has a history of supporting reproductive health care, civil rights, disability rights, and labor … Continued

Fair? Yes
Independent? Yes
Qualified? Yes