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Take action on your social media platforms! Use our sample social media messaging below and graphics above to share your commitment to fighting for fair and just federal courts. Use our Courts Matter Digital Toolkit.

Sample graphic:

Sample general tweets for Individual

  • #CourtsMatter. Federal judges influencing public policy that affects the lives of women, children, & families should be fair, independent, and qualified to protect women, children, and families. That’s why we launched courtsmatter.com to share where each nominee stands on the most important issues and invite you to take action: [link]
  • Jewish tradition is clear that everyone deserves equal treatment under the law. As the Torah teaches, “You shall have one standard of law for non-citizen & citizens alike” (Leviticus 24:22). That’s why we’ve launched our #CourtsMatter website: to make sure federal judges are fair, qualified, & independent. 

Because #CourtsMatter, NCJW believes all federal judges must be:


Do they respect equality and justice for all and understand the impact of the law on everyone?


Are they impartial, nonpartisan, and not influenced by outside parties or interests?


Have they been objectively assessed for their experience, competence, principles, and temperament?

I want federal judges who are fair, independent, and qualified.